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A Cup of Coffee in New York City

All great days begin with coffee.  No objections? Yeah, I thought so. And this is why coffee dates are the best way to see the city, catch up with old friends, network, and I would assume* make a great first date. 

*You know, because I've been married for 100 years and have zero idea how to date.  Actually, I didn't know how to do that when I was single so being married really isn't an excuse. 

I actually didn't drink coffee before moving to the city.  Well, I did make an ocassional trip to Starbucks for a sugary sweet drink but I definitely don't count that. But damn if New York doesn't require every single person that lives here to drink at least one gallon cup each morning to simply survive. I'm not kidding. My coworkers and I are on a group text and 95% of our conversation is about who is picking up coffee for the rest of the group that day. 

While I'm typically a cold brew kinda gal, this day I couldn't resist trying out this simple black coffee at Blue Bottle because usually sometimes I live for the aesthetic. Can you blame me with that beautiful clear mug?! 

And for the record, my go-to cup of coffee in NYC is a cold brew with almond milk from La Colombe. ;) 

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