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5 Reasons To Move To Austin

5 Reasons To Move To Austin
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I just celebrated my 2 year anniversary of living in Austin & with this milestone under my belt, I feel like I'm finally in a place to give some solid recommendations on why moving to Austin could be a great decision for you just like it was for me. When we decided to leave NYC, we had so many places that we were considering moving to before our friend Jenn planted the Austin seed in our hearts. I was constantly researching information on the city and asking everyone I met who lived in Texas to tell their honest opinions and recommendations of Austin. It's time for me to share mine with you!

1. The locals make you feel right at home. Despite some of them being outspoken about their desire to keep Austin their little secret, they are kind down-to-earth people that treat you like gold. Whether you are from the south and can only imagine moving to a city if it involves great hospitality or you've had your fair share of no-one-talks-to-each-other city life (this was me!), Austin would be a great place for your next chapter. We had only been living here for about a week when someone apologized to me simply because they walked past me in Walmart. They didn't shoulder check me. They didn't run into my shopping cart. They just walked by. You should have seen the confusion on my face - and the tears that filled my eyes afterwards. 

2. There are so many opportunities to enjoy nature. Admittedly, this is something I enjoy tremendously but need to take advantage of more often. One of mine and Tyler's favorite things to do is take a drive out into Hill Country to enjoy the views from the winding roads that make us feel almost like we're driving around our hometowns in eastern Kentucky. Our first exploration led us to this quiet little dock and we've since traveled back to it multiple times as it's become a peaceful little retreat for us. Not everything takes such a drive though as there are Austin classics like Barton Springs Pool, Zilker ParkTown Lake, and the Greenbelt. As temperatures start cooling down, I'm making it a goal to enjoy more of these treasures since they bring so much peace to my soul.

3. The food is out of this world. Yes, this is coming from someone who lived in NYC for 4 years. Don't get me wrong - there are plenty of NYC foods that I miss (bagels truly aren't the same anywhere else) but the food scene is here is just unreal. If you love BBQ, Tex-Mex & unique food trucks that were so successful they became brick & mortar restaurants (there are many and they are phenomenal), then you will have a very difficult time deciding what to try next. And don't even get me started about breakfast tacos. These are the best kept secret (that isn't actually a secret) in Texas. More to come in future posts about some of my personal favorite places to but for a great comprehensive guide, check out one of my favorite sources: A Taste of KoKo

4. The winters are mild. If you do not like crazy cold weather and dealing with everything that snow brings, you'll probably like Austin. Don't listen to the people who dramatize it though - you DO need a coat. It is not "hot all year" and, in my opinion, the winter feels a little colder than it should because you do get so conditioned to the heat in the summers. However, if you love fall/winter fashion of sweaters and cozy layers, this weather will be perfect for you. If you want to make snow angels, you're going to want to schedule a winter trip up north because we don't get more than light flurries a couple of times each winter season. 

5. People actually visit Austin. If you're going to move away, it really does feel nice to move somewhere that you know you'll have friends and family come to visit. Austin brings a lot of visitors for bachelorette parties, conventions - and of course SXSW & ACL. It can be hard to start over and build a new community, but knowing you'll be living in such a fun place that your old community is excited to visit makes it a little easier. And you'll have plenty of places to take them for food and fun when they get here!

Any questions about living in Austin? Ask away in the comments below!

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