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The Nail Polish Company You Need to Know

Yes, you are indeed looking at the thing nail polish dreams are made of.  I can't be the only one that has dreams about nail polish, right?  

Meet SquareHue - an incredible subscription polish service with an even better purpose. 

Each month SquareHue releases 3 new shades of their 7 free/cruelty free/vegan polishes.  You have the option to purchase all three colors, to pick your top two favorites, or even to skip out on the month altogether if none of the colors suit your mood. They arrive in the most darling box along with a color swatch card to keep track of your polish colors. Isn't that brilliant?

Not only are these polishes legit good quality [I got a solid 10 days of wear out of the color Pompidou that I'm wearing in the photos], they are for such a good cause.  SquareHue is passionate about fighting against human trafficking - a sad but true reality that is happening right here in the USA every single day. With each purchase, SquareHue donates a portion of the proceeds to for prevention awareness, protection of trafficked victims, and prosecution of human traffickers. Guys, this is a nail polish company I can 100% stand behind.

These shades are from a couple months back but I'm obsessing over their April box colors - the red shade is on point! Thanks to SquareHue for sending over these polishes for me to try. You can learn more about SquareHue and their mission here.

Photography by Tyler Skiles

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